Q.  When is it best to arrive?
A.  Gates open at 7:30pm.  Parking is first come first serve.  So the earlier, the better.  Do not come 10 minutes before showtime on a beautiful Saturday night expecting the best spot.

Q.  How can I find out what movies will be playing in upcoming weeks?
A.  Movies change weekly.  We do not know what will be playing until Monday for the upcoming Friday.  Showtimes are subject to change.

Q.  Can we just come for the second movie?
A.  Yes.  Gates close 15 minutes after the last movie showtime.

Q.  Can we bring pets and walk them around?
A.  Yes, please keep pets on a leash.

Q.  How do you hear the movie?
A.  Audio for the movie is heard through your car FM radio.  If you don't have a FM radio, we rent portable radios at the concession stand for $3.

Q.  Can you switch screens and watch a movie on a different screen?
A.  Sorry, you must stay at the movies which you purchase.

Q.  When are you open for the season?
A.  We typically open around mid April, and we close around the end of September.

Q.  Are you open every night?
A.  Yes, from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend, we are open 7 nights a week.

Q.  Can you bring your own food?
A.  Bringing your own food is discouraged.  The drive in relies on sales from the concession stand stay in operation.  Please do support the concession stand.

Q.  Do you offer group rates?
A.  Sorry, we do not offer group rates, but you do get to watch two awesome movies for the price of one!

Q.  Do you accept credit cards?
A.  Yes, we accept credit cards both at the ticket booth and at concession.

Q.  Do you still show movies if there is rain or lighting?
A.  Yes, we show movies in rain or starlight.  We only close if there is severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings.

Q.  Can you purchase tickets in advance?
A.  No, purchasing tickets in advance does not do much good.  Gates open at 7:30pm.  That is the earliest.